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Chris Whynaught voted #1 most popular new talent on
Billboard Talent Net for the week of 10/22/99 in Billboard Magazine.

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1. I was Used To Being Alone
2. Look What You've Done For Me
3. Heard Him On The Radio
4. I Confess
5. Blame It On A Woman
6. Virginia Creeper
7. Pyramid Of Love
8. My Heart Broke For The Last Time
9. You Don't Want Me
10. Seems Like A Good Time To Sing The Blues
11. This Ol' House
12. Broken Man
13. Dark Lonely Street
14. Working Man's Hands

Chris Whynaught - Singer/Songwriter
Peter Dobson - Guitar
Wendell Kelly - Trombone
Baba Elefante - Bass
Tom Bagley - Keyboards & Organ
Will Miller - Trumpet
Michael Fickling - Drums