How to order from Bad Daddy Records
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Music CD's
Qty. - Chris Whynaught - (CD) - "Heard Him on the Radio" 12.00
Qty. - Craig Horton - (CD) - "Touch of the Bluesman" 12.00
Qty. - Craig Horton - (CD) - "In My Spirit" 12.00
Qty. - Rusty Zinn - (CD) - "Zinfidelity"
Qty. - Rusty Zinn - (CD) - "ReggaeBlue"
Qty. - Fully Fullwood - (CD) - "For All Time"
Bad Daddy Accessories
Qty. - A) Bad Daddy Logo Cap - Black 15.00
Qty. - B) Bad Daddy Logo Cap - Eggshell 15.00
Qty. - C) Bad Daddy Logo Cap - Off White with Purple Brim and Beading 15.00
Qty. - Craig Horton T-shirts Sizes: Medium, Large, Extra Large and XXL 12.00
Qty. - Bad Daddy T-shirts Sizes: Medium, Large, Extra Large and XXL 15.00
Shipping Charges:

All orders require the following shipping and handling charges:
Music CD's and Accessories
within the U.S. $ 3.00
Outside the U.S. $ 5.00
Music Jewelry
within the U.S. email for quote
Outside the U.S. email for quote

7.75% Tax will be added to all orders shipped within California
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